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MADE IN EU High-quality components.

We order a professional mirror with LED lighting

In our offer you will find both a mirror to make the light bulbs in glass panes and mirrors makeup a stand with bulbs placed in the frame.

Created by our mirrors are used successfully in studies of cosmetic salons makeup, charakteryzatorniach. We also help equip the home dressing cosmetic, bathrooms, bedrooms and other interior.

PRODUCER PRICE Save on commission agents.

Set up your mirror according to your own requirements

We make our products by hand under the individual order, so that each product is carefully matched to your expectations.

SUPPORT Help in choosing a product for your needs.

You need a mirror to a particular size?

No problem.

We prepare the product exactly according to your order. Choose the amount and distribution of light bulbs in the mirror suits you correspond, placing the switch for ease of use, the best size for your interior concept

QUALITY ASSURANCE The product is made individually - Class A +



CONVENIENCE Ready to run out of the box.
Lustro make up stand - mirror
Lustro do makijażu - makeup mirror
Lustro makeup Hollywood mirror
Lustro do wizażu - z żarówkami
Makeup stand
Lustro do makijażu z żarówkami w tafli
Włącznik lustra
Włącznik lustra w ramie
toaletka kosmetyczna z oświetleniem
Lustro makeup glass krawędź fazowana
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Installation The product is ready for use.
Includes attached installation instructions and safe use.